millar grattan media

mgm is a no nonsense media and video consultancy which is making multi-media increasingly accessible - and affordable - to a growing number of Northern Ireland businesses and organisations.

  • > Video has become a must-have weapon of the PR armoury. From showreels to event filming, mood reels to video news releases, video is now an essential tool to give your organisation the edge.
  • > mgm's skill and experience will ensure your message makes its mark. mgm is providing clients with a cost-effective tool to maximize their momentum in an increasingly digital world.


  • Corporate videos
  • Video news releases
  • Video blogs, social media
  • Public relations
  • Press release development
  • News letter development

video showcase

Professionally shot and edited video productions bring an extra dimension, creating instant kudos in a slick cinematic package.

Why not have a look at our video section and see what millar grattan media (mgm) video productions can do for your organisation.

guest presenters

mgm works in partnership with a range of specialist presenters who can front your videos and bring an added dimension, whether it be a touch of celebrity glamour or professional gravitas.

They have experience in a variety of fields and can give your production that personal touch.