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mgm video services . . .

Video has become a must-have weapon of the PR armoury. From showreels to event filming, mood reels to VNRs (video news releases), video is now an essential tool to give your organisation the edge - mgm's skill and experience will ensure your message makes its mark. mgm is providing clients with a cost-effective tool to maximize their momentum in an increasingly digital world.

services . . .

  • Corporate videos
  • Video news releases
  • Video blogs, social media
  • Public relations
  • Website copywriting
  • Digital PR
  • Motion graphics
  • Guest presenters
  • Media training
  • Media relations
  • News letter development
  • Press release development
  • Press release distribution

why does your organisation need mgm video?

Video is a highly effective promotional tool on your website or blog, helping build a personality for your organisation that reassures your audience - for instance, show reels of recent events, a video tour or your company or short interviews with key personnel. A punchy edit supported by eye-catching, concise and creative text will help your website soar.

Want a powerful opener to a conference?
A dramatic montage for a major event?

Professionally shot and edited video productions bring an extra dimension, creating instant kudos in a slick cinematic package.
The video can then be transformed into other life forms once the event is over - for example, a DVD show reel or web cast.

Go guerrilla with marketing video . . .

YouTube is full of guerrilla marketing ads. Making a video and uploading it to a site like YouTube is relatively cheap, but the exposure can be amazing.

Forget PowerPoint . . .

Forget PowerPoint as your only presentation tool - when it comes to a pitch, video will create the 'wow factor'.

Show reels . . .

The plasma screen in the office reception can be a great advert for your organisation. Instead of playing daytime TV, blast out a show reel highlighting your organisation's best work.